Strategic Fundraising + Development

SDSG is proud to serve our clients and support their fundraising and development efforts. Our clients are able to increase their revenue while strengthening their position to withstand challenges that may arise and be prepared to leverage any opportunities presented to them. We translate our expertise into curated development solutions for any short- to long-term goals, including fundraising campaigns and growth funds, expansion efforts, or starting from scratch to support a new initiative.

  • Fundraising Campaigns and Growth Funds
  • Development and Fundraising Plans
  • Funder and Solicitation Strategies
  • Strategic Advising
  • Feasibility and Revenue Forecasting
  • Organizational Fundraising Trends and Analytics

Funder Research + Pipeline Development

The continual infusion of new funders is essential to the sustainability of any development program, but many organizations lack the capacity or expertise to find new prospects. SDSG brings decades of experience in building qualified pipelines with screened and issue aligned funders. We also equip our clients with funder modeling, training, and resources to continue to find new funders to increase revenue and can provide in-depth prospect profiles to inform strategies for funder engagement.

  • Lead Generation
  • Pipeline Development
  • Donor and Board Member Relationship Mapping
  • Donor and Prospect Assessment
  • Donor Profiles & Dossiers
  • Funder Landscape Analysis

Funder + Stakeholder Engagement

Successful fundraising is centered around strong relationships and partnerships. We develop comprehensive engagement and communication strategies for our clients to leverage relationships with board members, stakeholders, and current and prospective funders, including high-net-worth individuals, family and independent foundations, and corporations. We complement engagement strategies with thoughtful, deliberate development strategies that, together, result in meaningful, long-term relationships and revenue for our clients.

  • Case Statement Development
  • Collateral and Material Development
  • Writing and Proposal Development
  • Stewardship and Fundraising Engagement Plans
  • Moves Management
  • Donor Communications

Capacity Building + Support

We recognize that raising money can be challenging for organizations with limited capacity and support, especially because fundraising typically requires an “all-hands-on-deck” approach. Some organizations find themselves building the ship while also needing to sail forward. SDSG becomes a part of our client’s team to address immediate needs and challenges while setting up our clients for future success.

  • Campaign Development and Management
  • Best Practices and Fundraising Systems
  • Research Training and Resources
  • Special Project Management
  • Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Skills Training

Leadership Development + Organizational Design

Development success rests on a strong organizational foundation. From an engaged board to a discerning development associate, a client’s team and structure are a critical basis for achieving revenue and fundraising goals. SDSG brings significant management and department-building experience to inform strategic organizational planning and create a thriving framework.

  • Leadership Advising and Coaching
  • Board and Leadership Cultivation
  • Staffing and Department Structuring
  • Team Assessment
  • Roles and Responsibilities Framework

Recruiting + Hiring

SDSG provides comprehensive recruitment services by sourcing and placing talented development professionals who enhance our clients’ internal needs and capacity. SDSG draws on its expansive network and experience for hiring across diverse sectors and levels of seniority. SDSG is uniquely equipped to direct every stage of the recruitment process in line with our clients’ goals and objectives. SDSG meets our clients where they are and provides both high-level strategic guidance throughout the selection process and hands-on recruitment management.

  • Recruitment Strategy and Implementation
  • Job Description Design and Distribution
  • Candidate Pipeline Development and Screening
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Hiring Recommendation(s)

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